Items Dumped on the Development

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we have a problem with furniture and other items being dumped on the development.

To be clear: large and bulky items left on the road or pavement, or within a shed next to the bins, will not be picked up by the refuse lorries. Worse, bulky items blocking access to the bins will cause the refuse team to simply not empty the bins!

Residents need to arrange a special uplift of these items via Edinburgh Council’s collection of household bulky waste items service. If you arrange an uplift, please put a note stating the collection date on the items so that others do not think the items have been dumped illegally. If you’re having a clear out there are other options available here.

Flytipping describes the dumping of waste in the wrong place, and can be anything from a bin bag of household waste to large quantities of domestic, commercial or construction waste.

If you see any dumped items on the development, or witness any flytipping, please report it via or direct to Edinburgh Council with the location, a description of what has been dumped, and any information on who left the items or the registration number of the vehicle involved. The Council can issue fixed penalty notices of £200 for flytipping. Courts can impose a penalty of up to £40,000 or imprisonment.

If you see any residents dumping items on the development please also report the offenders to the Factor. 

If you ask the Factor to remove dumped items, all proprietors will have to pay a share of the cost of the uplift. Thousands of pounds in Factor’s charges for the uplift of items have been incurred in total over the years, with the majority of proprietors paying for the inconsiderate action of others.


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