Parking Spaces / Poles

The upkeep of individual parking spaces are the responsibility of the proprietor. The Factor is only responsible for maintaining the common parts of the development (all those parts of the development which don’t belong to a particular property).

Each parking space was originally provided with a pole that can be raised and locked to prevent others from parking in your space. Many proprietors don’t use their poles because they don’t find unauthorised parking an issue, but if you are having issues with others parking in your space, then the first recommendation is to start using the pole. Many of the poles have been damaged over the years by being driven into (or over), so they may need repaired before they are usable. This repair is the responsibility of the owner, and is not a cost shared by other owners.

There are two styles of parking pole on the estate:

  • The first (common around Sinclair Close and Gardens) is just a pole which slots into a hole in the ground, and a chain attached to the ground that can be padlocked so that the pole can’t be removed. Common problems with these are: broken chains, damaged or part-filled holes, or bent poles. The poles themselves are relatively cheap to replace: there is a blacksmiths on Gorgie Road which can fabricate a replacement. Damage to the holes is generally harder to fix as it often requires replacing the monoblock around the hole, and/or concreting in a new hole.
  • The second type is a hinged pole, with a hole at the top which, when padlocked, stops the pole from being put back down. As there is more to these poles, they are likely a bit more expensive to replace.

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  1. Good advice about the poles – many poles in the courtyard have been squashed by the council Refuse truck running over them when (still) negotiating a 3 point turn.

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