May 2012 – Garden Improvements

The eagle eyed amongst you will have hopefully noticed the various changes to the gardens around the development. As mentioned in the February committee meeting minutes, we agreed a planting budget of £500 for the Roots n’ Shoots team to start filling in all the unsightly bare patches around the gardens.

New plantings

This, combined with the increased maintenance budget that means the gardeners will be on site much more often (every week instead of every fortnight), should get us some much needed improvements all around the estate.

More new plantings

We’ve already done one walk-around with the gardeners and factors, to agree on the work that needs tackled most urgently (mostly replanting of bare areas and replacing dead plants, and attending to the fountain in Sinclair Gardens). The intention is that a gardening sub-committee of sorts will do more such walk-arounds over the summer, until we have a clear list of areas we think need improving, that the gardening team can attend to over time. If any residents have any comments on the gardens, or particular areas they’d like to see tackled, we’d be eager to hear them. Please do comment on the general mailing list with your thoughts, and let us know if you’d like to get involved in the gardening discussion.

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