2012 AGM – Agenda

Agenda for Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 25th January 2012, to be held at Gorgie/Dalry Parish Church.

  1. Introduction
  2. Minute taker
  3. Committee report
  4. Dismissal and re-appointment of the Factor
    1. Motion to re-appoint Aspect Residential as the Factor
    2. Motion to support seeking tenders from other Factors prior to 2013 AGM
  5. Dismissal and re-appointment of the Sinclair Proprietors committee
  6. Motion to approve the changing of the locks on the bike sheds, with new keys to be distributed by request to the factor
  7. Factor’s report (including comments from Insurance Broker)

Dismissal and re-appointment of the Factor and Committee

This is the normal annual process of re-appointment as described in our title deeds and the committee constitution. For 2012, Aspect Residential is the only Factor being considered; at the meeting they will set out the expected fees for the year, and their commitments in regards to the development. In addition, the committee is asking the proprietors to give their support to a motion to seek tenders from other Factors, with the intention being to offer a choice of Factors to the proprietors in advance of the 2013 AGM.

The interim committee appointed at the SGM in September will resign and a new committee appointed for 2012; it is expected that the current committee will continue. Colin Douglas has stepped down as representative for 1-6 Sinclair Close, so we are in need of a new member for that building. In addition, anyone else wishing to stand for the committee in January is more than welcome, please send an email to committee@sinclairresidents.org.uk if you wish to do so.

Bike Sheds

The committee would like the proprietors to approve a motion to have the locks on the bike sheds replaced, and new keys made. The bike sheds have terrible security problems and have many abandoned bikes and other items that don’t belong taking up space (motorbikes, dumped items, etc.) To facilitate improvements to the bike sheds, the committee would like to see a register of proprietors who actually use the bike sheds, including asking proprietors to state which bikes are theirs, to allow us to start the long process of identifying abandoned bikes and making arrangements for their removal. In addition, the old keys have been copied and distributed widely, so the locks are no longer effectively securing the sheds.

Obviously changing the locks requires notice to be given to everyone, both on the bike sheds themselves and in a letter from the factor; otherwise people might find themselves unable to access their own bikes. The committee would like the proprietors to approve replacing the locks (after a suitable amount of notice is given to all), asking proprietors who wish to use the bike sheds to contact the factor in advance, with details of the bikes they store in the sheds, so they can receive a new key.

Further changes to the bike sheds have yet to be agreed on. At the 2011 AGM, Alex Corrigan suggested that a key-pad system could be installed, allowing us to change the codes on a regular basis and keep the sheds secure. However on consulting with locksmiths, he reported that a key-pad lock wouldn’t give a satisfactory level of security and would be prone to damage (accidental and malicious). It was suggested that standard keyed locks combined with regular key changes would get us the level of security we wanted, but obviously that comes with a cost (every time the locks were changed, those with keys would need to pay again, at a cost of around £6 per key). How frequently the locks were changed would be a decision that the bike shed users would take, balancing cost against security.