April 14th 2014 – Committee Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the lateness of getting these minutes out to you all. I’ve been on holiday and of course lost the recording etc. So please check through them here and I’ll be happy to take corrections. I will post them on the website in 2 weeks time. If no-one forwards corrections I’ll take them as given. Has everyone seen the email from Stuart suggesting we send him a list of questions for the insurers/management of DCPM to consider? I don’t feel very confident about starting this list and wonder if people feel we can do this by email or if we need the suggested meeting to discuss it. I can be around the next 3 wednesdays in May if people want a meeting called. Let me know what you all think is best. I’ve been in touch with the gardener and the last two fountains should be planted up next Monday. Unfortunately I noted in my walk around tonight the the fountain outside 26 Sinclair Place has been vandalised. I’ll report this.

Yours Rosina