August 2012 – Bike Shed Lock Change

Okay, so as of Friday, all but one of the new bike shed keys have been distributed to those who have asked for them, we expect the lock change to be happening tomorrow (Wednesday 1st of August), but it may take several days for the contractor to actually do the work. For anyone who hasn’t got a new key yet (or if you would like additional keys), you should still get in touch with Aspect and they will be able to get you a new key posted out.

To be clear, the bike shed keys are now unique to each shed. We had hoped to retain the common keying to allow people to change sheds if they wished, but failed to make that clear at the time of requesting the works, and I take responsibility for that. On the up-side, that will act to improve security, by limiting the number of people with access to any given shed.

As another a pleasant side effect of getting the locks changed, the resident who has been parking their motorbike in one of the sheds has been told quite clearly that it is not allowed, and they should be removing it forthwith. If anyone knows of any other bulky items in any of the sheds which are taking up space, then please do contact the committee and let us know. We have already made a quick pass over the shed between Sinclair Close and 18 Sinclair Place to clear out some of the dumped junk, and I personally hope to find some time to make sure the other sheds are similarly cleared up.