January 30th 2013 – AGM Summary

Hi folks, apologies for the delay in updating on the results of the AGM, but all of the big pile of work I’d been putting off to deal with the meeting crashed down on me once it was done. Full minutes will follow when I get a chance, but to summarise the results:

Choice of Factor

Obviously this was the biggest issue on everyone’s minds, and it brought out an unprecedented level of participation, which is great. Between those who asked me to act as proxy and those participating through Aspect’s website, there 55 properties represented, plus 43 properties present at the meeting. The final count of votes was 80 for Dunedin Canmore Property Management and 18 for Aspect Residential. As a result, the development will go through the process of changing to Dunedin Canmore over the next few months. The committee will be partly involved in that, and we will pass any information we receive relating to the transition, and obviously both Aspect and DCPM will be sending out their own communications. Obviously there are a lot of details to work out, but at the meeting DCPM suggested that we would be aiming for the 1st of April 2013 for the change.

Change of Insurance Excess Apportionment

This change was discussed in some detail at the meeting, and some very convincing arguments put forth for and against. While the general feeling in the room, including the factors, was in favour of some sort of change to the policy, and broadly supportive of the motion proposed by the committee, it was suggested that the policy being proposed was not yet specific enough and not clear enough in its details. Given that a) the escape-of-water excesses under DCPM will be £500 per claim instead of £2,500, and b) we will face some amount of upheaval while the factor transition takes place, it was agreed to postpone any decision on a change in policy. Instead, it is expected that a special general meeting shall be called in some 6 months time to consider this issue again, and any others which come up during the course of the factor transition. By that point, the committee should have investigated with DCPM and settled on a specific and workable policy that can be voted on, rather than relying on in-principle agreement from the proprietors.


We are delighted to welcome Pauline Thomas to the committee as a representative for Sinclair Close to fill the vacant spot that we’ve had for a while. As stated in the AGM notice, I am stepping down as Chair. My last task in that role will be to arrange the next committee meeting so that a new Chair can be selected, and we will pass along exactly who that is as soon as it’s decided. It has certainly been a busy 18 months for me since the committee was first formed, but I’ve been happy to see such great progress on the development and for the committee’s part in that.

Chris Chapman
Proprietors Committee Chair