April 18th 2012 – Committee Meeting

Again, I must apologise for a delay in delivering the April committee meeting minutes, an extended holiday and other things intervened.


In other news, the test installation of a solar powered light went ahead last week, and the results are very promising. We chose the shed between 20 Sinclair Place and Sinclair Close, as it was the largest of the sheds and had the worst problem with lighting, rendering the back half of the shed virtually unusable, even in the middle of the day. I’d certainly recommend visiting the shed to see the results for yourself.

We will keep an eye on it to see how durable the light is, but on first impression the light produced is certainly bright enough, and the installation can be done with minimal impact to the sheds. The cost for this installation came in at well under £100, so underneath the budget approved by the committee. At the next meeting, we will consider whether or not to have similar lights installed in all of the cycle sheds.