February 22nd 2022 – Committee Meeting

Please follow this link to access the minutes of the Committee meeting held on Tuesday 22nd February in Gorgie Dalry Parish Church Hall.

The meeting topics where Myreside, creating a newsletter for residents and starting to detail the 10-year plan for the Development.

Your feedback or comments are welcome, please kindly address them by e-mail to the committee at Committee@lists.sinclairresidents.org.uk

Myreside Management – Final Invoices

The much-delayed final invoices from Myreside, covering the period to 30th November, have now been issued and should arrive shortly.

Please check your invoice carefully and notify Myreside immediately of any discrepancies.

Instead of refunding the remaining float monies to individual owners, it appears that the balances are to be sent to Trinity Factors who will have to credit the funds to owners’ accounts with them. 

If you have already paid your Trinity Factors bill in full you will not receive a refund and the float monies will sit in your Trinity account until the end of their financial year when the budget for next year is issued.  If you pay by Standing Order you may have the opportunity to amend your payments once you see the remaining float monies have been credited to your Trinity account.

Myreside have advised that all queries should be directed to the committee – unfortunately the committee members have been given no more information than any other owners.

Please direct any complaints to Myreside. 

Complaints must be made by individuals as the committee cannot complain on behalf of owners: https://myreside-management.co.uk/statement-of-service/#complaints